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Produced by David Goodes and co-written by Judie Tzuke, the EP rolls out like a movie, with meaningful pop-ballads and cinematic instrumentals. Closure takes us on a ride from anger, to sadness, to strength, and is a way of coming to terms with her parents’ separation, and ultimately finding the closure she needs in order to put this period of her life to rest.


Ari takes a unique approach to songwriting; writing primarily from her mother’s perspective, “Idiot” introduces mother’s pain throughout the divorce and describes how he made her feel. 

At the climax of the EP, Ari brings us “Out of Time,” a letter from Ari to her dad pleading him to fix what he destroyed. We are then taken on an emotional wave with “Under Water”, written about the final stage of her parent’s relationship. As the EP comes to a close, “Lovers Game” portrays a new found strength about moving on, leaving us with a sense of closure.

~ ~ ~

" Witnessing my parents relationship become bitter was heartbreaking and painful. It was difficult to approach the topic as a songwriter because I love both my parents so dearly, but I needed to address it in order to let it go, which gave me the closure I needed."  

- Ari Tahan


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